Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A few things I am thankful for:

My beautiful, amazing, sweet and loving daughter. She has taught me what true love really is. She has taught me to love from the deepest part of my soul and with my whole heart.
My parents for their constant love and support, even when I am struggling, you are there cheering me on, even if it is silent, I know you are there.
My family…for being just that…my family
Friends…the true friends in my life that are there for me (no matter how much time has passed). The ones that are there at all times, not just when it is convenient, but through good times and bad. They are there when I am happy and more importantly when times are sad or there are struggles that need just a little help getting through. They don’t change their pattern when the wind blows a different way. They don’t walk away when there is a disagreement, sometimes time is what is needed and when we are both ready we talk and work it out. Friendship is a two way street, each person giving of themselves, not always being on the receiving end.
Even for the acquaintances, because you are there for a specific reason … makes me think of the saying “Friends come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you go, it makes the true friends shine more brightly and brings a new appreciation to them. Sometimes, I am fooled by ones “sincerity”, but eventually I figure it out…I am learning to be more cautious of my surroundings…
For our home…before Emma it was a house and I enjoyed the quiet. It is now a home because of Emma. Her shrieks of laughter as I chase her down the hall, the step ladder in the kitchen as she “helps”, the little art projects we do together…she makes it all worthwhile!
For my talent…even though its hard to admit this one. I was blessed with a talent. My mom taught me the skills when I was young, and I have taken it to a whole new level. I can create things with fabric, purses, quilts…memories that bring smiles to the recipients and a sense of accomplishment to myself.
Patience…this one is definitely new acquired. Emma has taught me patience, some things take a little longer but so worth the wait (From May 25th, 2009…until June 2…this was the biggest waiting game) and let me tell you…it was worth every second!! Baking and crafting just aren’t the same when Emma isn’t there to “help” even though dinner may be 45 minutes behind schedule, the time that it takes to make it together is priceless!

Amazing how fast time goes...this was Emma's first Thanksgiving!  She is what I am truly most thankful for.

What are you most thankful for????

Xoxo, Emma's mom