Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hello again!  My mom and I had signed up for a class that started this past Friday night, we were pretty excited!  It's called the Swing Jacket, not sure why, but the sample at the store was adorable and I just knew that it would need to be in Emma's wardrobe.  We got to class at 5:40 (it started at 6) and much to our dismay the class never happened.  The teacher didn't make it, so the 6 of us ladies sat there until 6:30 and left a little disappointed.  I am still waiting for a call from the teacher to find out what happened...

I chose a baby pink corduroy, (big surprise there coming from me right???) with the liner a cotton print in pale yellow with soft green leaves, and pink & white flowers.  I found soft green rick rack to make stems coming up from the bottom of the jacket and trying to decide if I am going to make flowers to go at the top of the stems or if I am going to just look for buttons....what do you all think????  Hmmm....make them right, I found a blog that made adorable fabric flowers, so maybe I will give that a try sometime this week.

ahhh, I hear Emma stirring from her nap so off I go to play with my lil snickerdoodle!  Love my time with Emma!  Be back soon!

With love,
Emma's mom

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy New Year!  I know, I am a little we are 13 days into the New Year and I am just making my first post.  Oops!  My goal was Dec. 31st...well, didn't quite make it.  Let me introduce myself, I'm Emma's mom!  Emma is a beautiful 19 month old angel who has COMPLETELY enriched my life in a way I never thought possible.  Each day brings new adventures, some with challenges, some with frustration, but most with new discoveries and accomplishments, along with seeing the world and life in a whole new light...through Emma's eyes.  At the end of each day I come to the conclusion that I love this little girl more than I did the day before!!

I think the most difficult thing about this blog is where do I start?  what do I say? That's my first excuse for not posting anything yet, but thanks to Janice we made a deal..we both had things that needed to be accomplished so we gave ourselves until January 26th, so woohoo!  I made it and I am even early!  My second excuse is that I needed photos up so you could all see what I was talking about.  Taking the photos was not the problem, but making them "cute" and blog worthy was the challenge.  (I think it still is...)  even though Jailyn was kind enough to guide me through, I think I need a little more guidance, so thank you ladies for helping me reach my goal!

So why start this blog?  I have tried Etsy, but with no luck and only disappointment.  Someone suggested a blog, link it to my Etsy easy right!  Haha...But I am giving it a try and hopefully this is the kick in the pants that was much needed, now I just have to get my wares on Etsy also.  I will get there...quickly!  So what are my wares you ask????  I sew, sewing is my passion, my stress reliever and helps pass my time when Emma is not with me, therefore this is all4emma!! All4emma is my name on Etsy once I get it going again by the way...

Let me start by showing one of the special gifts I made for Christmas this year (I was going to show several but I realized after sometime trying to get my photos "cute" I still need some help so only 1 photo will accompany this post).  Since money is tight (not just with me but probably 75% of America if not more) I made the decision to make my gifts this year.  I have an endless supply of fabric stored in my garage, so I made good use of dad jokes I can open my own store with my stash alone (sad thing is he's probably right...but we won't tell him that).  I have been collecting this stash for years now and its great when I can go "shopping" in my own garage and know that its all paid for!  So with my 50% coupon I headed to Joann's to pick up a package of Printed Treasures and chose some of my favorite pictures of Emma and the creations began.  I originally started this idea with my brother in mind, he lives in Colorado and hasn't met Emma yet, but he gets photos all the time and regular phone conversations with him and yes...she talks to him. Meg Smith, an amazing photographer and long time friend of mine for Emma's 1st birthday did a photo shoot of us, how beautiful they were!!  I chose 12 of my favorites and remembered a pattern from a magazine and quickly realized that I needed to do brother hasn't received his quilt yet, its still sitting on my kitchen table, but this was for Dawn an amazing amount of support poured out of this woman the moment I told her I was pregnant and she was there when Emma arrived into this the 1st completed project was for Dawn and her part about it, I even quilted it myself after Dawn spent hours teaching me...little did she know it was for her...and believe me, no pun intended but I was busting at the seams!!!  So enjoy this first glimpse into what I will be showing.....I'll be back soon!
With love and appreciation....Emma's mom!