Monday, March 26, 2012

West Point

West Point

I got a call in December from a woman who had seen me out at the Green Valley Farmer’s market.  She had taken my business card, and thought maybe I could just pull this one off.  Monica had a pair of pants from her son’s uniform from West Point Military Academy, what to do with them????  Hmmm, make a purse!  Not one, but two of her son’s have attended this prestigious academy and just the sheer sound of cutting up a pair of pants from the uniform, I will admit had me a little intimidated.  Would I be able to pull this one off?  Would it live up to the image that name itself holds?  Would I be able to make this mom proud to carry her new bag?

Monica and I met, Emma underfoot (singing Frosty the Snowman) to go over design ideas. I was so excited…but again, asked myself, could I pull this off? I had a vision in my head but could I translate it into a purse.

So….I finally started the project, not the easiest thing to cut apart but I did it and the rest of the bag flowed naturally.  Monica provided me with a picture of her son in uniform, along with a few of the brass buttons that are on the actual uniform and lastly a tag from Westpoint!

I am so pleased with the result, I met with Monica last week to deliver the bag!  I have to say, I think she is very happy with her new bag!!

Thank you again Monica for giving me the opportunity to make this bag for you!
Xoxo, Emma's mom