Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hello again!  My mom and I had signed up for a class that started this past Friday night, we were pretty excited!  It's called the Swing Jacket, not sure why, but the sample at the store was adorable and I just knew that it would need to be in Emma's wardrobe.  We got to class at 5:40 (it started at 6) and much to our dismay the class never happened.  The teacher didn't make it, so the 6 of us ladies sat there until 6:30 and left a little disappointed.  I am still waiting for a call from the teacher to find out what happened...

I chose a baby pink corduroy, (big surprise there coming from me right???) with the liner a cotton print in pale yellow with soft green leaves, and pink & white flowers.  I found soft green rick rack to make stems coming up from the bottom of the jacket and trying to decide if I am going to make flowers to go at the top of the stems or if I am going to just look for buttons....what do you all think????  Hmmm....make them right, I found a blog that made adorable fabric flowers, so maybe I will give that a try sometime this week.

ahhh, I hear Emma stirring from her nap so off I go to play with my lil snickerdoodle!  Love my time with Emma!  Be back soon!

With love,
Emma's mom

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