Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tattered and worn:
That’s how I feel some days, tattered and worn…mostly from emotional struggles that sometimes come with the day. But this time, it wasn’t me that was feeling this way, instead it was a quilt. A quilt in need of some serious TLC!!! It has been a challenge, but I am one border away from returning these precious memories to its rightful owner. This quilt has been shown some serious love and has been used until the fabric is wearing thin, which is great, I can only hope that quilts I have given to people get as much use out of them as this quilt has. When I picked it up, the whole quilt was together minus the borders, which the owner patiently sat and picked out all the stitches for me, so I would just be able to add the new pieces on to give it new life. I was extremely intimidated by the quilt, funny….it is just fabric, but I know it was very important to the family that I was fixing it for. I sat and looked at it for a couple days(only because I was finishing a couple other projects I needed to complete) and finally I dove in. Hmm, I am a perfectionist most times and therefore, this is a little difficult for me. My stitches are not matching up with the old stitches and it drove me crazy…I took it to work Saturday and it was put to me this way when I was feeling very insecure about my job. Dawn said, “Princess you are saving a life!” She equated it to open heart surgery, the scars may not look pretty but you are still alive. Great analogy for me, it put things in perspective and allowed me to let go just a little bit and just repair the quilt! So tonight….the last border and the binding will go on!!
Until next time...xoxo, Emma's mom

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