Monday, April 4, 2011

My goal is to be faithful to myself and write every Monday and Thursday evening…more if I have time, but for now we will start with two days a week.      Last time I was here Dragonfly Stitches was making its debut at Quiltique and yay…I sold 12 items!  Woohoo…I wasn’t feeling so woohoo when I first heard, I was hoping for so much more and you know…that’s 12 more items than I sold prior to that day so I am now grateful for the experience and I know what sold and what I need to make more of.  Seems like the scrap sacks were the first to go and then the cute lil make-up bags.  I did sell an “Emma Bag” yay! And a couple dupioni silk wristlets.  My mom tells me to have patience…I just smile because I like instant gratification.  I have learned though that good things come to those who wait….I’m waiting, I’m ready, but I’m waiting!

Sad day last week, my Great Aunt Dottie (Emma’s Great, Great Aunt) passed away.   We knew it was coming but it is never easy to lose someone you love.  My memories of Aunt Dottie was her home in Auburn, with the creek that ran in the backyard, place of many family gatherings when I was younger.  My mom’s memories are of her Aunt Dottie dancing…boy she used to love to dance, especially with her brother, Lloyd, who we lost last year.  Mom’s memories are also of her on the cruise ship and when she was involved with the Barbizon School of Modeling (I faintly remember that).  She was in a care facility and we were told she never knew we were there, but I have to disagree…I was pregnant with Emma when she was first moved there and we went to visit, told her next time we would bring the baby, she loved babies and never had children of her own.  When we came with Emma, she was so excited, tears rolled down her face and she said “you brought the baby”.  It was obvious she knew who we were or enough to associate us all together.  Every time we took Emma she would get so excited, she would sing to her, she would “dance” with her in her wheelchair, each time thanking us for bringing the baby and for being her family.  So when someone tells you because they have dementia or alzheimers and they don’t know you are there, believe in your heart they do know…because I 100% believe Aunt Dottie knew we were there, her face would light up the room when we arrived! 

I also finished my little jacket for Emma too!  Tried to get a picture of her in it but she ran the other way, so we will try again soon.  Turned out the jacket is reversible, no, it wasn’t intentional completely by mistake (the teachers because I followed her instruction), but yay, now its 2 totally cute jackets!  Our intentions when we signed up for the class was to make them as Christmas gifts for all the cousins for Christmas, but not sure if that’s gonna happen cause I don’t think I can repeat the pattern, maybe when I have some spare time I will try…For now,  off I go to sew!

Xoxo, Emma’s mom!


  1. Sorry to hear about your Aunt. :( Hugs to Emma and mom and dad. Miss ya

  2. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
    Have a nice day!

  3. Sorry to hear about your Aunt.
    Following from MBC.

  4. Thank you ladies for your kind words. They are very much appreciated.