Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yay!  Yippee!  Yahoo!  My mom and I worked our tails off on Saturday in the garage to organize my 5, yes I did say 5 cabinets of fabric…we started at 7 am, took a little break for lunch and to pick up some supplies for the t-shirt quilt and finished at 8:45 that evening, the last hour with my little Emma under foot.  I had to give her some of her own fabric, so that she would stay out the completed cabinets…she likes to help (which consists of pulling it out, unfolding, throwing on the floor then jamming it back into the cupboard and goes uh oh when it doesn’t fit).  But the goal was to get all my “quilt” store fabric together and color coded and keep purchased projects together instead of little bits here and there and we accomplished that goal!  I admit, there are still two cabinets full or “other” fabric that needs to be tended to, but taking Emma for a walk sounded much more fun and she appreciated it as well.  It looks great and now if I am looking for a piece of fabric at 3 am I know exactly where to go and don’t have to open 5 sets of doors to find it and come up empty handed.  It was almost like Christmas, finding pieces that I haven’t seen in forever…loved it!  Inspired lots of new projects in my head but I need to finish the ones that are already started…at least I know the fabric and the ideas are there when I am ready!  Here are a few before, during and tadaaaa….the finished product!  Thanks mom for all your help, I couldn’t have completed it that quickly without you.  I know you slept well that night!
Xoxo, Emma's mom

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