Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!  I would like to say a very special Mother's Day to my mom, who has been an amazing rock in my life for the past 37 almost 38 years, especially the last two years since I have become a mom.  She has shown me such love, compassion, strength, courage and a belief in myself I didn't know was there!  I know this time of year is hard on my mom, especially since she has lost her Grandma Angel!  Yesterday my parents, Emma and I spent a great day at the zoo and on our way home I decided even though mom said it was ok...I decided we were going to stop and take some flowers to Grandma Angel.  Thats just what we's a picture of us throwing flowers out to my grandma...wish this could have been a 4 generation photo, but unfortunately Emma was not able to meet her Great-Grandmother's, so she will know them both in spirit.  My mom is going to hate that I put a picture of her here, but mom, I love you and please know that I did it to tell the story.  The last picture we have here is the 3 of us when Emma was about a month old introducing her to Grandma Angel.  Emma has been such a huge blessing in my life, she has given me such great joy and a love I never thought possible.  She makes me laugh, there were times she made me cry too...but she has been the greatest gift in my life.  She makes me want to be a better person, to teach her all the things my mom has taught me, most importantly to grow and be a strong, independent beautiful woman.  I want to teach her to never, never, never give up even when things might seem tough for her, keep going the reward will be amazing and she will be so proud of her accomplishment.  I will continue to teach her right from wrong, and how to treat others in her life the same way she would like to be treated.  These are things you can't learn in a book, these are things that are taught from the heart!  So Emma, thank you for teaching mommy some of these things as well...and mom, thank you for loving me...loving us!  You are an amazing woman and I am proud to have you as my mom!
Xoxo, Emma's mom

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  1. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. It's very special for all of you and I loved seeing your photo today. Thank you for the pix you sent of Emma today. She is adorable.