Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Special Gift....

I finally added a profile photo to my facebook page after quite a bit of poking and prodding from all my lovelies out there, I know, I know...a photographer with no photo (but that isn't profession #1 right now, so thats my excuse!).  So along with my photo of my sweet little Emma and I wearing our matching birdie shirts from her 2nd birthday party (more to come later, but gotta go through the photos first) I wrote Miracles do happen and I believe in them.

Funny, my first thought for the miracle was I actually put a photo up cause I have received some grief about my little gray box..., but I have also been working on myself as an individual, to be a better person, to let stupid things not affect me and only worry about the big things or those that I can control..and I have a little help with that and thank you because those that have helped know just who you are!...but I think the biggest miracle came later that evening when my phone rang.  I didn't answer because I thought it was a mistake, after all, it had been almost 4 I message was left on the machine, so I debated in my head what to do, a whole conversation played in my mind, some positive, some negative...okay, mostly negative but I am supposed to be working on that, duh!  So I sent a text asking if it was a mistake to dial my number and imagine my shock, and honestly...UTTER DISBELIEF to hear the call was intentional.  It was a phone call mixed with so many emotions and feelings I didn't know where to begin, so I was a little speechless...end result of the call, good emotions and a positive outcome!  So that day, I posted a simple statement and it became huge...and in a funny little way, it was a miracle.

A couple days later, Emma and I were the recipients of this little gift.  This little white box was filled with so much meaning....and of course, a little yummy goodness!  With this box comes the rekindling of what I hope to be a beautiful lifelong friendship, each of us in a very different place in our lives, both much better and more positive. 

So with that I say thank you from the bottom of my heart (and my tummy) for making that first step that was so huge....xoxo, Emma's mom

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