Thursday, September 8, 2011

Farmers Market & they go together? :)

I am going for Round 2 at the Green Valley Farmer’s Market this Saturday, Sept. 10th. It was a great time 2 weeks ago, I think Emma enjoyed it the most. She stood on the box right at the table and greeted all the people passing by. “Hi Lady”, “Thank you coming”, “Have good day” were just a few of the greetings Emma threw out there, what a character I heard, or how polite she is. At 2 years old, I love hearing people saying how polite my daughter is! She doesn’t even need to be prompted to say please and thank you or your welcome most days, of course, she is just 2 and there are days that gentle reminders are planted, but she is just 2!
I did okay the 1st market, was totally excited and caught up in the day that I plum forgot to take photos of my booth set up….duh! The only one I do have is from my cell phone, so it is not the best….but here it is.

My mind is constantly working to think of different ways to display product. One thing for sure is that the burlap table cover needs to say “Dragonfly Stitches and Birdie Wishes” so you all know who we are! That’s on my list of things to do…and hmmm, purses, hard thing to display…any ideas out there? I am open to hearing them.
The Green Valley market has been a great opening experience to getting exposure, I am very glad that I tried it and took the chance. They are extending the market to October 22 instead of October 1 being the last day. Hope I can maybe make one more date at the market before they close for the season!
Back to being polite and being proud of my daughter, I was once told that you don’t need to say please and thank you, it is all in how you ask for something. WRONG!!!! Hate to say it but I strongly disagree with this statement. I was raised with manners and I have every intention on raising Emma in the same fashion. It is quite obvious to me this is a lost art, manners that is. The reason I say that is because so many times I hear what a polite little girl she is and people seem utterly amazed. I think it shows a good upbringing, while some may think its old school I feel it is how children should be raised, with respect for themselves and towards others. (“Respect” now that’s a whole different blog post for me and someday I will get there but not today). Kids these days are just not the same as when I was growing up, not sure why that is, maybe parents just don’t have the time or take the time to discipline, not really sure. I do know that if you give someone an inch, they will take a mile, children especially. I know that Emma will try to push the limit with me and I just pull her right back in. She TRIES to be very demanding, “I want my bottle now!” hmm, and then she will say it again in the same way…I wait a good 30 seconds, and then say “ Is that how you ask for something, please try again.” Guess what I get…”May I have a bottle please?” It takes patience, love, understanding and more patience. What may work at one house, may not necessarily work at another home…it is not too early to start teaching this and believe it or not, Emma already knows. That’s why it changes to “May I have a bottle please?”. One of the things I strive for in raising Emma is for family and friends to look forward to Emma & I coming, not saying oh no, here they come. I think thus far I have been successful, and it is a learning experience each day for both of us…together I think we can accomplish great things! Patience, love and understanding go a long way!
Until next time…Xoxo, Emma’s mom

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  1. Your display is adorable as are your products and most of all your beautiful and super polite little Emma! So glad we met, and hope to see you out there again soon :)
    ~ Jen